Combined On/Off Switch & grouppopupItem => On/Off Switch not working

My intention ist to have the On/Off switch in a List-Item combined with the group popup, when i click beside the on/off toggle. Infortunately, the toggle switch seems to be “in the background” of the group popup funktion…

component: oh-colorpicker-item
  item: ConBeeLichtBarGroup_Color
    - wheel
    - hsb-sliders
  title: Bar (Spots Ost)
  icon: oh:ColorLight
  iconUseState: true
  action: group
  actionGroupPopupItem: BarFarben_gruppe
slots: null

Is there any YAML-code-piece I can add to correct this?
Best regards


Unfortunately, no. Your only option is to create a custom list item that includes the all the different pieces yourself. Then you have control over what can be clicked separately.