Combining bindings

I’m trying to combine 2 bindings with 1 switch, expecting that a change will update both bindings and a change in one system will also cause the change in the other system.
However, this does not work as expected.
Can this be done by combining 2 bindings (ie Nikobus and Vera Mios) or does this not work in that way?

Example below.
Switch Light “Light Switch” (GR_Lights) { nikobus=“AA11:1”, mios=“unit:vera,device:13/service/urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1/Status,command:ON|OFF,in:MAP(” }


I don’t think that would work. The problem is that when one of the bindings updates the switch it generates a command to update that switch’s state, and then it is done. It would need another command to be generated that gets sent to the other binding…

I would create four Items and a rules to sync them up. This can get tricky though. I need to think on it for a bit to figure out how to keep everything in sync without generating an infinite loop.

I have been able to take the incoming state change from one binding and have it convey to another binding in the same item, but I believe there are some bindings that won’t work that way.

For example:

Number RoomTemp "[%.1f]" { ecobee="<[your_therm_id#runtime.actualTemperature]", 
mqtt=">[mybroker:/myhouse/room/temp:state:*:default]" }

When the Ecobee binding updates the state for this item, the state change is passed through to an MQTT broker, so openHAB is acting like an API gateway for this item. There is a discussion here.

P.S. I wish more bindings were able to take action on item state updating, and not just receiving commands, so this simple translation function would be possible in more cases.

I thought both mios binding and nikobus binding can receive and send commands. One of them seems to be unidirectional.
I’ll have to try this with rules. Did this before and was quite slow in response.