Combining Hue and KNX for RGBW-Panel

Hey Guys,

I am using OH3 (openhabian) for around 2 years now and it’s incredible, I just love it.
For around 3 weeks now, I am trying to get an RGBW-Panel (Zigbee) running and control it from a KNX smart switch.

My Configuration:

  • Openhab 3 (on rpi4)
  • DeconZ (but using hue binding)
  • LED-Panel with Zigbee-RGBW-Controller
  • KNX Smart Switch: Merten Multitouch Pro (with small display)

Currently I am just a few minutes away from giving up.
I want to set brightness, color and color-temperature from this MultiTouch Switch, but can’t get it running. My knx things and items are configured textual (in .things / .items files), but when I installed the Hue light, I just took from my inbox in the UI.

This is my current configuration:

in knx.things

Thing device T_KNX_Virtual {
        Type dimmer-control : klt "Küche Theke Farbtemperatur" [ga="7.600:6/2/46"]
        Type dimmer-control : klb "Küche Theke Helligkeit" [ga="5.001:6/2/43+<6/2/44"]

in knx.items

Dimmer           I_OG_KU_Licht1_Dimmer      "Küche Licht 1 Theke Helligkeit [%s]"        <light>            (gKitchenLight)      ["Setpoint"]                               {channel="hue:0220:00212E06CB1F:4:brightness", channel="knx:device:bridge:T_KNX_Virtual:klb" [profile="follow"]}
Dimmer           I_OG_KU_Licht1_Color       "Küche Licht 1 Theke Farbtemperatur [%s]"    <ColorLight>       (gKitchenLight)      ["Setpoint"]                               {channel="hue:0220:00212E06CB1F:4:color_temperature", channel="knx:device:bridge:T_KNX_Virtual:klt" [profile="follow"]}

What I can do (with other lights) is dimming the lights from just normal swichtes (relative dimming), but I tried almost everything to send absolute values for brightness and color temp from my MultiTouch but can’t get it running.
Additionally, I’d like to set a color from KNX but this is even more frustrating as the MultiTouch just sends Scenes or something, I didn’t dig deep there as I am still struggeling with the part.

I couldn’t solve it even with 50 hours on google until now.
Any suggestions for this?


don’t give up, I will implement it next days and post solution. But I’m always busy with two kids and a wife :joy: