Comet DECT 300 not working properly

Hey Community!
So I have setup and got my Comet DECT 300 Thermostates pretty easy.
But I’ve encountered some weird behaviours:

  • When I set the target temperature, it works but only for a few hours. after a few hours they change back to the ECO Mode Which is the temperature set in the FritzBox UI.
  • When I set a new target temperature, they don’t update immediatly, it takes some minutes. But if I press the Button, to activate the Display, they change temperature immediatly.

Besides that, they really work stable. Thanks to everyone contributing!
I’ve searched the forum for some answers, but didn’t find any.
If there is a forum already talking about this, please link it!

Hi @Nico111,

What is a Comet DECT 200? Never heard about that. Are you talking about a Comet DECT or DECT 200 device?

Did you configure a schedule in FRITZ!OS for your device? Maybe the reason for your first issue.

Second one is easy to explain.

I’m sorry it’s a Comet dect 300.
So I’m talking about the thermostates, not about power plugs …
I’ve updated my post.

not manually but maybe it was setup by default. I’m going to check this!

Thanks a lot!