Comfoair CA350: communication not starting

I am over from home assistant. There is nothing comparable to your comfoair binding for home assistant so I am wandering around and searching for information wherever I can and finally found your very welly developed comfoair binding! I am relieved!

Some days ago I opend this thread (FYI and the sake of completeness): link.

I hope you have the time to help a lost home assistant user. Here is my problem that I want to ask you:

I can talk to my CA350 (RS232 chip->esp-01 with running telnet server-> wifi -> linux box). If I connect my RS232 chip parallel to my CC ease it gets very hot. For a short time I can read the communication between CA350 and CCEase but occasionally the RS232 gets too hot and stops working (I suppose). But that’s not my biggest problem at the moment. In the readme of openhab’s comfoair binding it is advised to not run them in parallel too.

My setup worked for some time after I disconnected the CCEase. Now after about 5 days of no communication, I cannot talk to my CA350 anymore. I suspect some sleeping mode or something.

In the bindings source code for openhab’s comfoair I found “ComfoAirCommandType.ACTIVATE.key” (source). Command x9b seems to be issued. Not sure if I am on the right path here…

Can anyone teach me the circumstances I ran in?

As soon as I hook up my CCEase and disconnect it again, everything runs fine. So I need to now how to initialize the communication between my esp8266-telnet-server and CA350 in case it is turned off / in sleeping mode.

Thanks for any hint!