Command confirmation in Google Home

I have a problem with command confirmation in Google Home.

I use Switch to turn on/off some switches/tts routines/etc. After activation “Ok Google, activate SwitchName” some of them run by confirming “Sure, turning the SwitchName on”, but some just trigger short sound only.

I’ve tested it by tagging Switch with Switchable and Lighting tags. Currently both of them confirm with phrase “Sure, turning the SwitchName on”. Old entry on the same GH runs with short beep.

Is the rule of thumb to set only beep confirmation?

It’s right Google just gives a short sound

I use Alexa and there is a setting to change the confirmation from “OK” to just a short beep/tone. It would be nice if you could select the confirmation for certain devices but It changes confirmation for all. :neutral_face: Check your app and see if Google has something similar.

Mine still says the long sentence confirmation “OK Turning the xxx OFF”. Is this a setting that I can change somewhere?

If you don’t see an option in the app try asking Google to change the confirmation. I’m not at home to verify but with Alexa I think this option/change can be done via voice as well as app.

The problem is, that both kind of confirmation are present on the same google device.

My Google home beeps on switching off and talks when switching on. However, during the night many times it only beeps when I switch something on.

I can’t find any settings to change this behaviour.