Command Line Console

Hi there.

I used Openhab2 a long time ago and now i am
struggeling a bit with V3. I am still a beginner
with all that stuff, sorry.

How do i get access to the command line console via SSH? When i log in via SSH, i only
get access to the karaf console.


You mean access to shell console via ssh ?
It sounds like you connected via ssh to the wrong port and you got the karaf console.
ssh shell console runs on port 22 while karaf console runs on port 8101.

Ok, thank you…

If i use port 8101 for karaf console, openhab:habopen is working.
With port 22 its not working.

you need to use a valid user and password for the host system to access the system command line.
what is your host system?
what is host operating system?
how did you instal openHAB?

Raspberry Pi3
openHABian v1.7.4b
SD-Card Image from Github

then in case you did not modify it openhabian is a user that can be used to login.
I think during setup you were asked for standard user and it’s password.

openhab per default is not a username.

I think openHABian creates a user openhab but this user purposefully does NOT have shell access

User password needed for SSH or sudo (e.g. “openhabian:openhabian”)
from here: