Command line help is garbled

I used the TAB key to get a list of command line commands. However the display is all garbled:

bundle:capabilities capabilities                                                                   (Displays OSGi capabilities of a given bundles)bund
le:classes classes                                                              (Displays a list of classes/resources contained in the bundle)bundle:d
iag diag                                                                      (Displays diagnostic information why a bundle is not Active)bundle:dynam
ic-import dynamic-import                                                          (Enables/disables dynamic-import for a given bundle)bundle:find-clas
s find-class                                                                    (Locates a specified class in any deployed bundle)bundle:headers heade
rs                                                                                  (Displays OSGi headers of a given bundles)bundle:id id
                                                                                                      (Gets the bundle ID)bundle:info
                                                                    (Displays detailed information of a given bundles)bundle:install install
                                                                                    (Installs one or more bundles)bundle:list list
                                                                                 (Lists all installed bundles)bundle:load-test load-test
                                                                              (Load test bundle lifecycle)bundle:refresh refresh
                                                                                     (Refresh bundles)bundle:requirements requirements
                                                   (Displays OSGi requirements of a given bundles)bundle:resolve resolve
                                                                             (Resolve bundles)bundle:restart restart
                                                                        (Restarts bundles)bundle:services services
                                                      (Lists OSGi services per Bundle)bundle:start start
                                                                  (Starts bundles)bundle:start-level start-level
                                    (Gets or sets the start level of a bundle)bundle:status status
                                           (Get the bundle current status)bundle:stop stop
                                                        (Stop bundles)bundle:tree-show tree-show
       (Shows the tree of bundles based on the wiring information)bundle:uninstall uninstall
                                           (Uninstall bundles)bundle:update update
                                           (Update bundle)bundle:watch
                         (Watches and updates bundles)cancel config:cancel                                                                       (Canc
els the changes to the configuration being edited)cat

I am using a window size of 150x53. Is there a recommended window size?

Win7 64bit