Command must not be null - OH2.2 / Paper UI


I am using OH2.2 and, for this - Paper UI.

I have some rules which have two or three actions. Sometimes the command to be set (0, 50, 100) is lost when saving the rule. If I re-add it it stays for a while but then seems to vanish again seemingly randomly.

I am sending a command (0, 50 or 100) to a Group called Lanterns. This happens if I send it to an individual item as well.

With some rules where it uses ON / OFF the same happens.

On a lot of rules it’s ok and works as expected.

Any idea why this would happen?


What is the Question or what is the Problem? Only a Topic ?!?

Sorry - I did not see someone replied to this… :slight_smile:

It was a question. It’s the PaperUI and actually, it’s doing what I think it should be doing. It was just not clear to me.

All still very new to this and learning fast. :slight_smile: