Communication openhabCloud/App and App/LocalOpenhab

unfortunately I have not found anything in this regard. I would like to know how the Openhab cloud communicates with the app or how the installed Openhab instance communicates on my computer with the Openhab app.
E.g. if I want to switch a light on or off or read a temperature value?
I don’t think it’s with RestApi, or?

Why not just use the app? Or webpage if you want to switch a light?

What is the end goal you are trying to achieve?

I would like to pass my data on to an external server as soon as something changes in openhab. I know that it would work with the RestApi. But I would like to know how Openhab does that it passes the data on to the app :slight_smile: Whether RestApi or another mechanism?

The openHAB Cloud Server (an instance of which is running at accepts authenticated connections from your openHAB instance to itself. Since it’s your openHAB instance initiating the connection there is no need to open a port on your firewall.

Once connected, the openHAB Cloud Server (in part) acts as a proxy for the webservices exposed by openHAB. This means the web based UIs, a websocket with the events from the event bus, and yes, indeed, the REST API.

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