Compare one item to another - FIXED

So I am trying to make some home automation stuff a little simpler to use for my wife.
Essentially I’m trying to make a heater control with the BasicUI but my rule doesn’t seam to work.

In BasicUI I have a Setpoint for “MasterBed_Desired_Temp” and all I want to do is, if the temp sensor is greater than what is set by the Setpoint than turn off and vice versa

I’ve put this in and it doesn’t look to work, anyone point me in the right direction as to why?

if (HT_Temperature_2.state > (MasterBed_Desired_Temp.state as DecimalType).intValue ) {

I’ve gone through the console logs and I can’t see anything as to why the rule isn’t working, if anything it doesn’t look to be even triggering.

looks like I was overcomplicating it as I think I’ve got it working, all I needed was

if (HT_Temperature_2.state > MasterBed_Desired_Temp.state)

just posting on the off chance someone else wants to do something similar