Compatibility issues

Hello again! A part of this might seem off-topic, but maybe you guys can help me.
I’m working on the following project: Somfy courtains controlled remotely with Tuya app, wich I want to integrate in Google Home. Also I need to control the courtains locally from a physical double switch(it must be a Livolo switch) without cable conection to the courtains motor. Behind the switch I’ll use two Tasmota moded Sonoff’s to trigger the courtains.
I’m thinking about linking apps like this Openhab>Webhooks>IFTTT>Tuya Conexxoon. In this way, when the physical switch is touched, the sonoff will trigger an action for the Somfy Courtains.
Do you think this can be done? Are there any compatibility issues? So far I used Webhooks and IFTTT just for notifications from my sonoff, but I believe I can do more with Webhooks and IFTTT, such as comanding other devices. Can anyone think of a simpler solution?
Thank you all for your help.