Compatible Alexa

even if the summer is over, I am looking for ways to control the watering in the garden via OpenHab. There are devices that are said to be compatible with Alexa.
Does that mean that you can also control them via OpenHab?

Excuse me for asking this beginner question. :slight_smile: … but other topics do not anwser my question.

Regards, Birgit

Answer is yes and no.

When the device is compatible with alexa, you can control it with alexa not using openhab.

If you can integrate the device into openhab, you control it from openhab.
Alexa can communicate with openhab via the alex binding and openhab skill on alexa.
Then you do the configuration that makes the device react on alexa.
Here is all the info you need to use alexa in OpenHab:
This is not the same as the “your device”-alexa skill.

I myself use alexa to control devices. For example my speakers from Teufel Raumfeld are not alex compatible, but I can control them via Openhab from alexa.

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