Compatible Zwave devices? UK (door sensors)

Hi everyone it’s finally time to add some more sensors to my setup I have decided on using zwave protocol I’m going to use the AEON AEOEZW090-C Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Wave Plus controller that I think is compatible with OH

How do you know what sensors/devices are compatible with this controller and the OH binding

I’m after a door sensor small and cheap (Panasonic door sensor, coolcam sensor)

I would think that all z-wave compatible devices can be used with this stick. I have the same and it works with all the zwave manufacturers I use


+1 I use this stick also, and have had NO issues whatsoever. The only thing you might consider is the SECURITY implementation of newer devices. This is included in the latest Binding snapshot, but individual items might need to be updated in the device database

The database shouldn’t need to be updated. It doesn’t really have any impact on the security side of things (thankfully :wink: ).

What are the security concerns I thought zwave was secure

So I can buy any device that has zwave and add it too my system are they all added with auto discover or do you have too write the configuration files

Iv not read about a dB before is this updated with the bindings

To Everyone…

I have been looking at a Panasonic open close sensor they are semi cheap would these work they are for smart things

Also these

It can be secure - there are security features, but only if enabled.

Generally any ZWave device should work. We have a database with around 700+ devices in it and it’s easy to add more devices if needed.

See here.


If they are ZWave, they will work. ZWave devices are note designed for SmartThings - ZWave is an inter-operable system.

So If it says zwave just buy whatever device suits my needs and it will just be easy to add even if it’s not in the database thanks for your replys

Yep - that’s correct. It’s the nicest thing about ZWave - in general, there are few interoperability issues…

Yup. Zwave has a nice standard and well-documented protocol unlike other devices.

Thanks everyone for the replys hello again lucky