Complete new rebuild OH2 #106 (2016.01.27) - finally got sitemap, finally got some data

Really just hoping this helps someone else trying openhab2.
You are welcome to reply but no need to reply or help me here - I will ask my real questions elsewhere and just use this to document my experience with hopes it gives others (and myself in the future) clues on how to get things working.

I am going to use this thread as a “blog” of sorts for my ongoing effort with openhab 2 and latest builds since I haven’t been successful since the Christmas build (before eclipse smarthome - whatever that is).

I had another go at the latest OH2 on 2016.01.27 - perhaps my 4th OH2 complete rebuild from scratch this month.
This time, once installed but still with nothing configured, I started OH2 - again with no configuration
Out of curiosity I hit the website (hostname:8080) and found the Welcome to openHAB 2.0.
I briefly went into basic UI, Classic UI and there I saw the demo items (not sure if they were updating - I didn’t pay attention - but probably).

I thought “finally, the website it works”.
Shut it down.
Deleted the demo files. (items, sitemap, rules)
Put in my items, sitemap, rules.
Restarted and opened the website - but got errors instead.
Nothing in logger but this time I went back and read the error at the website, which had a ton of error lines but noticed they began with:
Problem accessing /basicui/app. Reason: Server Error Caused by: javax.servlet.ServletException: Sitemap 'demo'could not be found at org.eclipse.smarthome.ui.basic.internal.servlet.WebAppServlet.service( at org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHolder.handle( at ...and on and on...

I found it odd/interesting that openhab2 was looking specifically for a “demo” sitemap.

When I first ran it, openhab2 had no configuration - which appears to cause it to automatically create the demo configuration. I think I remember @Kai mentioning this earlier this month.

But when I deleted demo.sitemap and put in my.sitemap - openhab seems to still want demo.sitemap.

I renamed my.sitemap to demo.sitemap, restarted and now I have my stuff in the UI - sitemap is now good (albeit I had to name it demo.sitemap)

Still having no data for any items I remembered I saw references to installing bindings via PaperUI so I went into PaperUI figuring that perhaps I need to install bindings there and found some already installed (lit up blue vs. gray) such as astro, etc.

I also but found 2 (ecobee & insteonplm) of the 3 I was looking for (no MyQ), installed those but still no data for my insteonplm and ecobee items.

Went to logger by opening /opt/openhab/userdata/logs/openhab.log (anyone know how to get a live stream of the logger in OH2 now? It changed again.) and found some entries:

where insteon was now (finaly) trying to get data, getting it back for some items (so it was communicating now - just not getting all it wants in the time it wants it and timing out - I can troubleshoot this).

ecobee wants to get re-authorized with That makes sense I suppose but I wish it reused my previous authorization. Worse: Ecobee now says “Enter the PIN ‘abc4’ in My Apps within the next 9 seconds.”

Since I don’t know how to get a streaming of the log anymore I had to keep opening the log file, going to the bottom, seeing if ecobee updated (which it only did every 2-3 minutes, then if I see the update, jump to my login on website and enter the PIN - within 9 seconds - geez.

Lo and behold (sp?) - I start getting ecobee data. So I now have a working website with some data working to.

This now gives me confidence that I can figure out the insteonplm stuff so I will work on that tonight…


If you’re running openhab from the terminal in the foreground you can use:

openhab> log:tail

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And again thanks.