Complete Newbie Global Cache IR Control via OpenHab2

Hi Guys,

apologies prehand for any stupid questions I may ask which may be obvious to you guys,

I have managed to install openhabian on my rasberry pi3 which works and managed to install the app and have it online on the openhab2 cloud service.

I can connect to my rasberry pi 3 via putty and log in to the device.

I want to control m TV via my global cache iflex ir codes via wifi. I have managed to install the GlobalCache Binding globalcache

by Mark Hilbush, and find my product in the inbox which I have now lnstall under"things" in the paper ui , configuration.

now I can access openhabian@openHABianPi:/etc/openhab2/things$ sudo nano home.thing however nothing appears under that file. is the url I am trying to work from,

What do I need to do just to get 1 simple button working.

That is the most important step, so everything is working fine.

You can either configure your things through autodiscovery or manually via PaperUI
you can define it by text files using a *.things file.

PaperUI configured things don’t show up in any text files, they go into a json database. No need to manually edit something there.

You are on the right track, just proceed to the examples in your binding docs:

More infos how to define items and sitemaps can be found here:

Many thanks for the reply.

I understand the following file locations
openhabian@openHABianPi:/etc/openhab2/things$ sudo nano home.thing
openhabian@openHABianPi:/etc/openhab2/items$ sudo nano home.items
openhabian@openHABianPi:/etc/openhab2/sitemaps$ sudo nano home.sitemap
openhabian@openHABianPi:/etc/openhab2/rules$ sudo nano home.rules

i just dont understand the instructions bellow. I dont know what to put where. Once I get my head around one, \i am sure I will be ok after that.

Item Configuration


is prefixed by ‘#’, a named instance configured in the services/gc100ir.cfg.
is the numeric value which specifies the module number of GC100.
is the numeric value which specifies the connector number of GC100.
is the Global Cache format IR code which is to be sent over IR devices as a command through GC100. For conversion between Global Cache format IR codes and Hex (CCF) codes, you can download iConvert tool (Windows only) from Global Cache downloads page. You can also download different IR Hex (CCF) codes to control other devices from

The following example is tested with DENON 1940CI DVD player to control it using IR receiver through global cache. IR receiver receives the IR pulse from Global Cache device and sends it as IR command to the DVD player.

DENON 1940CI DVD Player

String GC100_IR_DENON_DVD_LIVING_POWER_MODE_ON { gc100ir="[#living|4|1|38028,1,1,10,31,10,31,10,31,10,71,10,31,10,70,10,31,10,31,10,31,10,70,10,70,10,31,10,71,10,31,10,31,10,1765,10,31,10,31,10,31,10,71,10,31,10,31,10,71,10,70,10,71,10,31,10,31,10,70,10,31,10,71,10,71,10,1685,10,31,10,31,10,31,10,71,10,31,10,71,10,31,10,31,10,31,10,70,10,70,10,31,10,71,10,31,10,31,10,1764]" }

Switch item=GC100_IR_DENON_DVD_LIVING_POWER_MODE_ON label=“Power ON” mappings=[POWERON=“POWER ON”]
Switch item=GC100_IR_DENON_DVD_LIVING_POWER_MODE_STANDBY label=“Stand by” mappings=[STANDBY=“STAND BY”]
Switch item=GC100_IR_DENON_DVD_LIVING_PLAY_STATE label=“Play” mappings=[PLAY=“PLAY”]
Switch item=GC100_IR_DENON_DVD_LIVING_PAUSE_STATE label=“Pause” mappings=[PAUSE=“PAUSE”]
iTach IP2IR and WF2IR

I’m not using that binding so unfortunately cannot help with that.

ok, really close now,

under things is listing my globalcache:itachFlex:000C1EE0CD80 under things however I cannot get my head around where to place the Map file which contains the IR codes. please please can you help me how to implement these so I can have a working ir signals. Have a sony tv.

MAP file should be placed in the conf/transform directory

how do I do the above??

From the docs:

In the thing configuration, enter the name of the MAP file containing the IR and/or serial codes (). The MAP file should be placed in the conf/transform directory. See example below.

If you have a manual things file you have to define the map file in that *.things file:

globalcache:itachFlex:000C8A76E610 [ ipAddress="", mapFilename="", activeCable="FLEX_INFRARED"]

So in this case the map file is named and goes into your transform directory.

If you have a autodiscovered thing I guess you should be able to define the maps file within
PaperUI -> Configuration -> Bindings or directly in the thing config. There must be an option somewhere, usually in those two places.