Complete server failure

Hypriot_OS latest,
Docker 19
Openhab docker 3.0.0 (Upgraded since 2.5.8 with every minor change)
Rpi 4

I’ve a question to all the developers and users of openhab…today I expereinced a complete Openhab_Failure (Openhab hanged first due to full memory I suspect, after restart, all things were gone…I suspect a broken database-file)

Openhab always hanged after some days (1-3 Weeks due to a memory link). It always hanged and then I had to restart…I then expanded the memory, which seemed to fix the issue…it didn’t hang for almost 1 Month (in between I always had to restart because of updates/Playing around).

Today the installation hanged and after shutting down and restarting the Pi, all things were gone…Iwasn’t able to restore it and had to start fresh 3.0 install. I pulled the whole persistent directory for diagnosis if this is not a unique issue. P.S.: It has nothing to do with the upgrade as this happenened to me in 2.5 also…but I thought I did anything wrong the last time…Now I can’t find the error…My question is:

Did something simmilar happen to someone here also? Or is this a “unique” issue not worth further investigation?

If this did happen to you and you found the error, please post here what you did to find and solve it…I can share the old directory, but openhab is not running anymore…

Not going to be the answer you want to hear but…
Although I have never had this issue myself, I and other forum regulars have help folks who suffer the same problem from time to time.

Most the time if OpenHAB is using all the memory up, it is because a binding you are using has a memory leak. Generally, the only way to figure out which binding is causing the issue is to either unload all the bindings and load them back one by one or unload bindings one by one until you observe the issue. It is a time consuming process. If it is a production server, this is super inconvenient to say the least.

so… first things first, I assume you’ve done this but use the top command to verify OpenHAB is causing the problem and it is not some other software or a problem with the server.

Second, list all the bindings you are using. OpenHAB in general does not have this problem and tons of users use a lot of the more common bindings and don’t have problems. Most the main stream bindings are well developed and proven bullet proof. Do you use any market place bindings, any pre-release beta binding or obscure binding?

Is there any possibility you have a process which runs long, hangs or spawns many running processes. A web site you are checking / scraping that never returns, scripts that never return ect.

so list the binding you use and we will help figure it out
good luck, happy hunting and tell us how it goes


Yes I have, but I uninstalled them already…


That’s possible! Thanks for the Idea! I remember many errors from Gardena-Binding and the Alexa Binding…bit I never investigated as I thought this has no effect… functionality was not impaired…

Okay I will try :slight_smile: I’ve already uninstalled and made a fresh install, but kept the data :slight_smile: so maybe I can find something out…

Thank you for sharing your ideas/experience :slight_smile:

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