Compounding Bandwidth for Image Refresh Intervals in HABPanel (using ZoneMinder)

Hi guys,

I have a zoneminder server on my network and I have been successful using the Image widget in HABPanel to render the camera views. It seems to work very well down to the scaling and refresh settings. Anyway, I thought everything was working great until I realized that my bandwidth was doubling everytime I clicked on my security dashboard from another dashboard.

I think what must be happening is that the thread that reads the images isn’t actually going away when you navigate to another dashboard. So when you click on the Images dashboard again, it kicks off two new threads which read the data and double the amount of bandwidth. This happens every time without failure.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my remote computer navigating to the HABPanel display and clicking on various dashboards. At first I was not navigated to the security dashboard, then I went there and saw about 1.65MB/s of stead traffic, I navigated to another dashboard and after some time I navigated back to security. The bandwidth then jumped to 3.3MB/s, I hung out there for a little while and navigated to another dashboard, then came back again and the bandwidth jumped again to an average of 5.0MB/s!


I have found that I can navigate away from the security dashboard and refresh the page and the bandwidth drops away.

Has anyone seen this issue or know how to resolve it?


Weird - navigating to another dashboard is supposed to destroy the widget’s scope, which cancels the interval timer refreshing the image.

Open the developer tools, go to the Network tab, and check whether the image is still refreshed after you leave the dashboard; post screenshots of anything looking suspicious!

Hi Yannick,

I’m not too familiar with how to use the debug tools but I loaded the page, and put a debug trap on the $interval.cancel(imgRefresh); line and when navigating away from the page it does actually execute that line for each of the cameras I have displayed. However, after continuing from the debug trap, I can still see the traffic on my Task Manager (until I refresh that browser tab). I can also tell in the chrome debugger network tab that the page is still pulling more data because the line at the top continues to grow.

I clicked on the “Img” filter and I can see the links to my cameras but when I click on them all the details on them appear to be static. In fact, I believe that the “Preview” image is actually the image when the page was loaded and is not refreshed continuously. The only thing that appears to be continuously updated in the “Name” list when the “All” filter is applied is the “events” item, it is showing this:

Please let me know if I can help further but you might have to be more specific. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response,