Conbee II and Openhab3 in Docker - no installation

  • Platform information: (Hardware: Raspi 4, OS: Linux, Docker)

I could not connect within OH3 the deconz-thing (Status always “Initializing”). Have anybody an example for the CODE within OH3-GUI.

Now i am using:

UID: deconz:deconz:150a5a316a
label: deCONZ
thingTypeUID: deconz:deconz
host: “real IP of raspi”
apikey: “the CODE of Conbee II, like EEDDED…”
port: 80
httpPort: 50080
timeout: 200

The Phoscon-Webapp works very vell with “real IP of raspi”:50080.

I have configured exactly the same parameters and it works (without docker, though). Is there anything in the logs?

Here as well. Have you checked the logfile for some entries?

did you try to disable and enable the bridge in OH3? Sometimes i see that the connection goes online only with a short disable and enable, specifically after some re-boots.

one step more …

I did not know, that i must access OH3 from Phoscon App “App verbinden” as well as the Websocket Port was wrong (not 80 > xx443).

Thanks for your reply.

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