Conbee II in OpemHAB

hello OpemHAB users. How did you use Conbee II in OpemHAB?
The automatic coupling (Api key) is not running. Would like to pair with Osram smart + plug. What should I put attention on?
App from Phoscon recognizes the the OSRAM device
whre can I find the (Api key) in the Pi system. I have seen in the documentation it should be in a system file

Hi Franz,

the easiest way is to go to the Phoscon desktop app. Then to gateway and “erweitert” and the “App verbinden”. Now you go to the OH Paper Ui and add a new Dresden Elektronik thing. The autosearch will find the Gateway and add the new thing. The you can go to the Karaf consol and do things:list. You will now see the API/User Key.
But keep in mind…the autosearch does not really work in the Dresden Elektronik Binding 2.4.


thank you you for response. It’s running now after updating the firmware on the conbee.

Do you use thinks file ? Do you have an example for osram smart+ plug.