Concerns about upgrading OH2->3 (Jython)


OH3.1 has arrived and I’m considering making the move from OH2 to OH3.
My setup is text based items, things and all rules made in Jython with helper libraries. And here is my concern, I’ve read some forum posts a while back that seem to indicate there are some problems with the helper libraries in OH3?
I might take the time to add all items by GUI but I need the rules working and hopefully without much change…any recommendations, tips or tricks I should be aware of when upgrading? :thinking:

I had pretty much the same setup as you.

For Jython, I’m now using the Helper Libraries maintained by @CrazyIvan359

All your text based configurations should work in OH3 unless you used v1 bindings in OH2 - those will no longer work and you will need to upgrade to V2/V3 syntax. Common culprits are MQTT and HTTP Binding configurations.

My Jython rules used Python libraries far more than the Java ones usually recommended in these forums so I didn’t have any issues moving over to OH3. However, if your rules used Joda time stuff you’ll have to move to something else - hopefully someone else can recommend what to do there…

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