Conditional devices in Main MU


I have some devices that are only used during some part of the year. Examples of these are the christmas lights in winter or the pool pump during the summer months.

In order not to confuse my family members I let OpenHab hide the points (switches, state indicators…) of these devices in MainUI during the period that the devices are not operational (connected)

This is not an 100% elegant solution however. The device remains to be visible in MainUI. An title is for example shown in the locations tab. I tried to add a visibility condition to the device group but it appears the Main UI ignores this setting.

Is there any way to make this work? I gather that I’m not the only OpenHab user with non permanent devices.

kind regards


It only works partially.

I do the same thing only for the Chromecasts. When they are not doing anything I don’t want to see them (because there are a lot of them). I also have some “online/offline” Switch Items that show when certain home automation relevant devices are offline. But I only show them when they are actually offline.

First, you need to set the visibility on each Item, not just the parent Equipment Group. Then, in the MainUI Locations, Equipment, and Properties cards, the Points won’t be shown, but you’ll still see the Equipment.

I think there was an issue opened for this to not show equipment that have no visible points but I don’t know it’s status.

Rich, thank you very much for the feedback. So I didn’t miss anything in Main UI.

Having the possibility to hide equipment groups or having Main UI hide equipment without visible points would be a great addition.

I found your feature request on Github. Let us hope someone will pick it up.