Config description is not resolvable, assuming initializable

Hi All,

Am nearing the end of development of a new binding. Everything is working as expected, but I noticed a lot of Debug messages in the logs during startup that dont seem right to me:

Config description for 'mybinding:alarm_state' is not resolvable, assuming 'mybinding:panelcommands:f7aba7f8:0:can_arm' is initializable

There is a debug log for every item printed at startup. As its just a debug message as opposed to an error, it may be harmless. However, what I find a bit strange is that the message looks like its looking for a config description of an Item, but then making an assumption (based on the message) that a channel that is unrelated to the item in question is initializable.

Could be nothing, but wanted to check if I have mis-configured something and/or if I should be paying any attention to this debug message?