Config file updates only in effect after a restart

When I started out with Openhab, whenever I made a change in a rule, or itemfile or sitemap, it would appear almost immediately in my UI. Great

Lately however… it doesnt. It only appears after I do a restart of my raspi. Quite annoying.

Not sure why that changed. Anybody have an idea how I can get back to the original sitiation, or maybe a tip on how to easier clear the cache (as I presume that is the case) without having to restart everything?


Delete the contens of /userdata/cache/ and /userdata/tmp/, then restart openHAB (restart takes a while after that)

Thanks, not sure if that is really faster than just a full reboot, but I will try.

No way to just restore the situation as was? (meaning not needed to do a cache clear+restart)? as it is quite annoying when say trying to find/solve an error

A reboot won’t clear the openHAB cache and tmp folder …

Restore a backup :grinning::joy:

I would install the Eclipse Smarthome Designer and check all your files for errors, especially items and rules files.

Thank you
"A reboot won’t clear the openHAB cache and tmp folder …"
yet that showed the updates in my files
Also, seems i have no privilige to clear my cache

"I would install the Eclipse Smarthome Designer and check all your files for errors, especially items and rules files."
I have Smarthome Designer but gave up on it. usually it will not show my files complaining the /config is not open.
Also, not all things not working are related to a syntax error in the files and sometimes I just want to add something, delete something orchange a label. Really annoying to have to go through a clear cacjhe and restart just for that

Anyway, I was hoping to be able to go back to the beginning when I didnt have to do all these things just for making a change in my config files, coz this is really horribly frustraing

You need to sudo that and stop openHAB before:

sudo su
systemctl stop openhab2
rm -r /var/lib/openhab2/cache/*
rm -r /var/lib/openhab2/tmp/*
systemctl start openhab2

Since openHAB 2.1 the system will show you the same information as through ESHD, so check your openhab.log for error messages.

Thank you, really. But this is not the way forward for me.
I just need to be able to make a change in say a label and see that without going through those motions, just like it was before. I have no idea why that has changed

I am quite positive about openhab but this is really not the way forward for me.
Just curious… Is this what you also have to do to before you see a small change in say an item label appear?

That is a bit too cryptic for me. How is looking at my log files going to make Smart designer work?
and though I appreciate the input, it is not going to solve my 'having to restart’issue

Sorry, misunderstanding: you will see in your openhab.log the same errors as when opening a file with ESHD and validate the file. So for syntax errors you actually don’t need the ESHD anymore, you will see the error in your log file. AND the system probably won’t start if you have any errors. So first thing to do is checking your openhab.log


Great… and that is exactly what I want again coz having to do a clear cache/restart really is a dealbraker

Agreed. To find out the cause: check your openhab.log for any errors. I don’t think it will be error free …

Best way would be to start in debug mode …

Rick Thanks.
I have no idea how I run it. It is just “Openhabian hassle free install”

There is a config menu option “Fix permissions” or something similar, try it. Otherwise I don’t use openHABian, so cannot tell anything more.

The only error that I see is this one:
FrameworkEvent ERROR - org.eclipse.smarthome.automation.core
org.osgi.framework.ServiceException: Exception in org.apache.felix.scr.impl.manager.SingleComponentManager.getService()

That does not tell me much

I appreciate that, but I do not want to go the way of having to clear my cache and restart
i just want to openhab to reflect the changes I make immediately, as it was and as apparently you have it

A lot of those errors get fixed when clearing cache and tmp folder.

Why not? It does not change your system, you don’t have to install any bindings, you don’t have to add your things again, you just need a little bit of patience because the restart takes a little longer :hear_no_evil: