Config for myopenhab / alexa

I’ve setup a test mqtt switch and mysensors

its seen in paper UI and works can see mqtt massages in the terminal for eg

stat/sonoff1/RESULT {“POWER”:“OFF”}
stat/sonoff1/POWER OFF
cmnd/sonoff1/POWER ON

linked to myopenhab and alexa skills

have created the following files


Switch lounge “light” [“Switchable”] {channel=“mqtt:topic:Power”}


//This is the Things

Bridge mqtt:broker:mosquitto “mosB” [ host=“localhost”, port=1883, secure=false, ]

// My switches with Tasmota
Type switch : power “Power” [ stateTopic=“stat/sonoff1/POWER”, commandTopic=“cmnd/sonoff1/POWER” ]



sitemap home label=“King’s House”
Frame label=“lounge”

           Switch item=light


alexa can “see” the lamp but not sending mqtt

I’m going round on circles

I highly recommend using PaperUI to configure MQTT2 Things.

The only thing I notice here is that you have not defined a generic mqtt thing for the Sonoff. The only to of Channel you can define directly on the Broker is an event Channel which is not what you need here.

the switch is defined using paper UI but I cant find a way to add the tag [“Switchable”] for alexa to play with the device

sorted it installed REST API from the addons

can then add the tag easily