Configuration for influxdb


openHAB 3.0.2 (release) up and running. Just wanted to know if someone could tell me where the influxdb persistence service writes its configuration to?

Background: after each openhab service restart the configuration falls back to an old value (in my case the “Database URL” has changed and the old value doesn’t work anymore).

Thanks & KR,

As far as I know, this can only be configured via text files (for now)

When installing the influxdb persistence, a new file will be created: services\influxdb.cfg
Here you can configure all parameters: url, user, password & db.
More info: InfluxDB (0.9 and newer) - Persistence Services | openHAB

To decide which groups/items will be stored in influxdb you need to configure the persistence file: persistence\influxdb.persist
More info: Persistence | openHAB

Some things can be set in the UI under settings, other services, influxDB Persistence. Also under system settings, persistence to set default persistence.

Thanks for coming back - I’m using influxdb since years. What bothers me is if I now change influxdbs’ URL in the GUI (not textual cfg) from “old” to “new” and restart openhab, it loads the config with “old”.

So “new” is just valid/used in the current runtime.

I should think it uses your .cfg file on the restart. UI entries won’t edit that.

OK thanks for that input. Maybe it would be an idea to leave a mark on that in the GUI.

UI control of persistence is very much “under development” i.e.non-functional. I’m surprised the release version actually lets you edit anything, it’s probably not supposed to.

The editing page probably needs a lock-out for xxx.cfg defined properties, rather like trying to edit a file-defined Item etc. does.

Exactly. So as you already mentioned, it seems OH loads the influx config from that text-file.

Somehow, I’m able to set the URL during runtime when using the GUI - and that works.