Configuration influxdb: item names with wildcard * are not stored to influxdb

i like to store all items beginning with WS444_* to influxdb.
WS444_* : strategy = everyChange

it’s not working as expected… it seems that only full named items stored to influxdb.
WS444_Sensor0_temperature : strategy = everyChange

how to configure wildcards in persist file ? do i have to use groups to achive that ?

thanks in advance


Yes, indeed. Group the items in the items file like this:

Group  gPersistedItems
Switch Item1 (gPersistedItems)
Dimmer Item2  (gPersistedItems)

and then write in the persist file in the Items section:

gPersistedItems*: //strategies

Take a look, here:

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thank you very much

Please tick the solution. thanks