Configuration issues (restart and cache)

I am running the latest openHAB 2.1.0 on RPi and have done so for a quite some time. I prefer to use config files over config in webUI - at least for most files.

However I have some issues with configuration handling.

(1) When rebooting OH2 the config files in /etc/openhab2 are overwritten with an older version
How can solve that? Is it cached somewhere and pushed back to “master” files?

(2) Some old configs are cached but not configured in any files.
Likely related to (1) - how to clear that?

Nope, your SD card is failing. You need to replace the card.

Ohhh, it is ok/safe to just copy/clone the card to another?

It depends on what other corruption has occurred on the card. It might work out, there might be something else wrong.

You could try it and if it works great, if not you will have to rebuild. You will be gambling. If you win you save a lot of effort. If you lose you will spend a lot of extra effort.

But this does help illustrate the importance of backups.

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