Configuration of a smart blinds control system

I’m trying to make a smart blinds control system , i built up my system using esp8266 wifi module and burned the software image to it .
Then i checked it using mqtt broker , i could subscribe to the topic as shown , but i failed to publish to it .

After that i tried to configure it with openhab , but it also gave me no response .
Those are my configuration files :
Things file :

Items file :

Sitemap file :
Any help please … where is the problem ?

There is a space at the end of the value of the stateTopic.

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could you more clarify your answer , please .
update …
i had a mistake in defining my topic , it should be " Mblinds " not " Mblinds/state"
i have used my mqtt broker to publish to the new topic name and it seems to be working .
i also modified it in my things file , and tried to control using openhab , but the problem still exists .

should i insert a rules file ?

does the stateTopic should be replaced by commandTopic ?!