Configuration of openHAB

One point i remember from other discussions was the ability to have group/mass edit functionality via UI too.
Copy & Paste works flawlessly most of the times, that’s right.

If a future UI could handle several items/things parallel that would be a huge improvement.

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I still use 1.x bindings due to the hardware support of my lights system. Therefor I need to use text files. However, a GUI based config would be preferred if all can be done via the GUI.

No: you cannot set parameters in the .things files. You can set them via REST API calls though.

No - these api calls get ignored because it’s manually configured.

Received HTTP PUT request for update configuration at 'things/zwave:philio_pst02a_00_000:controller:node35/config' for an unmanaged thing 'zwave:philio_pst02a_00_000:controller:node35'

GUI: +1

To avoid rehashing a lot of discussion that has already taken place, please review the following thread as well as this one. Most of this has already been hashed out.

The tl;dr is:

  • there needs to be a migration path for users to move from GUI based to text based
  • this requires changing the format of .items and .things (eventually .rules) files because there is no library to write out files in their current formats
  • there needs to be “one source of truth” for the configs (we now have two)
  • the UIs need significant improvements to make create/copy/edit/paste of stuff through the UIs more closely approach the ease of doing so in text config files

It think the consensus from that thread was there would some sort of import/export tool that can be used to read in files of some standard format on request (not file system polling) and create the necessary entries in the JSONDB (one source of truth) and a way to export from the JSONDB back to files of some standard format.

There was talk of being potentially being able to support multiple file formats with an approach like this.

And the UI improvements need to be made regardless.

This was my understanding. I could be mistaken.


HI, I’m a new user.
I’m playing with Openhab a couple of weeks now
Configuration through GUI or config files are both OK
The most difficult thing I found is ZWave configuration. I guess it has to do with the protocol itself
So many time, I gave up
I’m using the Aeon Z-Stick GEN5 and a couple of fibaro zwave and danfoss devices
I spent a lof time reading here and there and still struggling
I like the product and I guess that explains why I’m still here
I hope this newbie view can help

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If you haven’t already post a new thread to ask for help. In my experience, when using automatic discovery of Things the zwave binding is one of the easiest to set up and use. Pair the device to your controller, look in the inbox to see all your nodes. Accept the Things. If they are battery powered wake them up (sometimes a few times) until they are recognized. Then link Items to Channels.

My mistake, the zwave discovery is working perfectly well
Devices are quickly discovered and added as things
The only matter is “Unknown Device”

I will release my Paper-UI new generation (NG) design study tonight.
Something to play around with over the weekend.

It is so much easier to discuss where we want to go with something to talk about as a start.

Cheers, David


Start a new post (tag it with zwave) with some specifics on the devices that are causing you trouble. We’ll help you get it sorted out.

Also read here about the device database.

And here to learn what to do when things don’t go as planned.

Did you publish your design study?

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Could an Admin move that discussion into this Category? “Development” seems more appropriate now, maybe even “Development” -> “Core” ? @Kai ?


It’s completely done, expect one part: The timer configuration page.

Internally there are two types of timers in OH core. Absolute date/time timers and cron expression timers (recurring events etc). The first part was easy: A date/time picker.

I underestimated how complex it is to build a simple to use UI to create all variations of cron expressions.

I’m using this page as reference on what is possible with cron expressions.


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Does this mean you haven’t published it pending figuring out the configuration page? Or am I missing where to look. I’m excited to see what’s in it.

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This is missing cron options such as:

This is taken from:

Nah I think it is not really missing those. You can toggle between things and they are still all applied.
Your page lists some common settings, but not all possible ways.

For example: “On the last day of the month” and similar. You can actually specify as many recurring days of a month as you want, they will be comma separated in the cron expression. If you want to be nice to the parser, you can use ranges for consecutive values.

But yeah cron expressions are super powerful and I’m struggling with the interface. Nevertheless, I will publish the Paper UI NG design study link in a moment with some initial words.

I think having the most common options as selections in the UI is good to have, but I also like the idea of having a raw data field to manually enter a cron expression.


I’ll second Scott. Is this a case where it can make sense to provide a UI that covers most of the cases and provides a more free-form raw cron entry to cover the more complex cases like “third Thursday of the month”? We still have access to external cron builder tools that can help users figure those out.

I’d hate to see the UI mangled in the name of completeness to support 1%-2% of use cases. Though, if it can be done so much the better.

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