Configuration parameter 7 for ZHC5010 firmware 2.x not editable via HABmin

Hello @chris

The configuration parameter #8 for ZHC5010 firmware 2.x cannot be edited via HABmin. The field is greyed out (see screenshot).

The parameter can be edited via openHAB API.

I have looked at the device configuration in the database, but found no apparent reason for this.

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It is marked as read-only. Easily fixed, but the error checking also has the device flagged because of the INDICATOR class. @chris will need to take a look at it.

Thanks :slight_smile: How can you see, that it is marked read-only? When I look at the device via the online device database, I cannot see a difference between #8 and e.g. #7, where #7 works as expected.

Regarding the flag about the indicator class, I think this could have something to do with the device configuration having set the indicator class support to V1, but the node’s XML shows support for V2. (see attached xml)

network_d9e6af05__node_16.xml (55.2 KB)

You need to login to the site and look into the details of that config parameter.

Update: The editability of the parameter has been fixed now. - Still hoping for Chris to help fixing the indicator stuff.

I can also recommend looking at the openHAB documentation which clearly shows this -:

What exactly is the issue? Are you talking about database updates, or something else? I haven’t tested this recently, but I thought it was working when I tested this many months ago.

Hi @chris

I am not sure what is required in the device database for the indicators to work according to your post here.

I would expect, based on your description in the linked post, that each of the four endpoints in the ZHC5010 device would each have the indicator channels: indicator_level, indicator_period, indicator_flash and indicator_raw

The current database configuration for ZHC5010 firmware 2.x does only seem to have one indicator channel, and I am not sure how to use this.

The other channels for the device are like binary_switch, binary_switch1, binary_switch2 etc., so for the indicators I would expect something like indicator_level1, indicator_level2 […], indicator_period1, indicator_period2 […] etc.

If/when that is accomplished, I guess that item configuration is pretty straightforward, except indicator_raw. It would be nice with an example for usage of that channel (Which JSON object properties should be sent?)

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