Configuration parameter: Options


I’m working on a binding and would like to supply some options for a configuration parameter.:

<parameter name="gridCompanyGLN" type="text" required="false">
	<label>Grid Company GLN</label>
	<description>Global Location Number of the grid company.</description>
		<option value="5790001089030">N1 A/S - 131</option>
		<option value="5790000610877">Nord Energi Net</option>

However, when doing this, the parameter is restricted to these values:

For this case I wanted the options only for guidance as an alternative to the user having to look up the values in the documentation. But the user must be able to freely configure any value, also values not provided as options. So I’m expecting an input field in the same way as if I hadn’t provided any options.

Is this possible, or are there some appealing other ways of doing this?

See limitToOptions switch for parameter declaration.

Thanks, exactly what I needed! I don’t know how I missed that. I even went over the XSD a few times, and remember having seen this attribute, but without connecting the dots. :smile:

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