Configure bindings

This new structure is giving a headache. The point of separating cfg files is really questionable in my opinion but still.
Via the addons.cfg i have installed the xbmc binding. PaperUI shows it as installed. But the configuration file under services is absent. Should i simply create the xbmc.cfg?

Same goes for Systeminfo, WOL and some others. Al least for them there is a configuration in Paper UI. But what if don’t want to use Paper UI and database of configuration. How can i define them via the cfg files as this is way easier to backup?

Furthermore - to keep everything backed up so if in need of reinstall…
If i add the binding via paper UI it’s reasonable to copy it to the addons.cfg - so in case of system reinstall everything will be brought up automatically?

I think you only need the .cfg files for OH1 bindings. And yes, simply create the files and copy the config. OH2 bindings should work fully via PaperUI.

I agree, the xxx.cfg file must be enough, just remember to remove the prefix “xxx:” from the single parameters within this file.

That it is missing for xbmc was indeed a bug, I have created a PR for this.

If you want to make sure that your installation completely conforms to what you have defined in the files, better refrain from using the Paper UI for administration. Simply define the addons you want to use in the addons.cfg.

OH2 bindings - so they support both CFG files and database via Paper UI or only the latter?

Please show me an OH2 binding, which requires any configuration :slight_smile:
The few cases that are out there, it works exactly the same: Both cfg file and Paper UI is possible.

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