Configure default sitemap widget for item


i have a model tree that consits several groups of items (f.e.: outside->garden-> pool->several items of equipment pool, f.e.: “target_temp”).
I have set the semantic classes to Number->Point->SetPoint fot the item “target_temp”.
In the Main UI it shows now a SetPoint widget, but not in automatically in the sitemap under it`s group item (pool)

Can i define an item property, that the sitemap nows which item widget should be shown?

No. Sitemaps know nothing of the semantic model. The default widget chosen for a Number Item is a Text element. If you want something different, you can’t use the Group element and have to define an element for each Item individually.

ok, thanks for the answer!
would this be useful and possible to implement in the future? you could indirectly configure the item representation to all UIs (sitemap, habpanel, MainUI). one less step to configure …

Anything’s possible but there isn’t a whole lot of working going on with sitemaps these days. There are some but not a lot, and adding support for something like that is a pretty big job involving openhab-core, openhab-webuis, the iOS app and the Android app. Given that sitemaps have been around for nearly a decade now without someone adding this feature, unless you are volunteering to implement it I’m not hopeful.

If you want this sort of feature, MainUI is your only option at this time. The Locations, Equipment, and Properties tabs of the Overview page are auto generated based on the semantic model and Item “default list item” metadata and state description metadata.

Given how drastically different all the UIs are in configuration and basic concepts, I’m not certain it’s feasible to set up something generic like that to support them all.

ok, that makes sense. then i have to decide which ui i want to use in the future.