Configure Hue REST API without Hue bridge

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4
    • OS: OpenHabian 1.5
    • Java Runtime Environment: ???
    • openHAB version: ???

I am just getting started with home automation. I am running OpenHabian (latest version 1.5) and have bought a minimal setup for testing/getting started. It consistis of:

I now found the Hue motion sensor to be too insensitivity enough to movement and I would like to change/increase its sensitivity. This seems to be possible through the Hue REST API using the Hue bridge, which I do not own.

From what I have read/understand here it seems to be possible to configure the sensor sensitivity in deCONZ using its REST API without Hue bridge.

However I cannot use deCONZ, since I am using a different ZigBee stick.

So is there any way of accessing the REST API and/or the corresponding values using the ZigBee binding and the Bitron ZigBee stick?

Should I (instead) switch to the ConBee II stick for deCONZ?! (I could still return my current stick).

Thanks for any advice,

I have been continuing my search for an answer to this, but have come up empty so far.
I am therefore considering an alternative way, which would be to pair the motion sensor to a Hue bridge (which I would buy) to configure them and then re-pair them with the ZigBee USB-stick/binding.

My doubt here, is that I am unsure, if I would need to reset the sensor for doing the repairing, which would then also reset the settings that I have committed using the Hue bridge.

Does anybody have an answer to this?

I don’t know for sure but have you tried habmin?

if you are talking about the Hue rest API then no, it runs on the hub (and the cloud)

I tried habmin, but I was there are no settings for the motion sensor under “configuration” or “channels”. There are however some settings for the illuminance sensor under “channels” (polling time, etc.) Am I looking in the right place?

Generally a reset is required to repair. But I had a light once I used “delete” from hue app and it paired.

This was not reliable though other lights needed a reset.