Configure Logitech Harmony Hub Volume Control as a Dimmer Switch

I need help configuring my Logitech Harmony Hub volume control as a dimmer switch.

Currently, I can control my volume up/down of my receiver using a simple button command in the item/sitemap. However, I find it very cumbersome if I want to increase the volume by 2 notches. Is there a way to configure my volume control within Openhab as a dimmer switch? (so each 25% increments increases or decreases the volume by 2 or more)

Also, how would this translate when I program it within the Amazon Echo HA Binding configurator (onURL and offURL)?

Any help is appreciated.

I found some similar posts here in the forum and it seems like I need to create a rule in addition to inputting the item and sitemap code, but I don’t understand. My knowledge in programming is pretty limited coming from a graphic design background, but I know how to get around things or tinker my way out of something.

Thanks again for your help.

I would love an answer to this as well, as I’m in the same boat!

Also Justin, would you mind pasting your line for the volume buttons from your items file?