Configure Nest Account > failed at

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2b+
    • openHAB version: 2.4


i just installed openHab for the first time and tried to add the Nest binding.
When conifguring the Nest account, I´m not able to add an account at Sign in with Google Account failes and using the sign up-Link leads to a forbidden page.

Does anybody hace an idea how to be more successful with this issue?

Google has disabled the Works with Nest API which the Nest binding relies upon to work. They are replacing it with a Works with Google API but only allowing a few heavily vetted third parties (i.e. not some little open source project like openHAB, even IFTTT didn’t make the cut) access to the data and given the ability to control Nest devices.

Those of us who managed to get our developer accounts created before Google closed down the API get a little bit of time before even our access to Nest products is cut off. There are some people working on alternatives which involve screen scraping and other brittle approaches to reverse engineer some sort of API. But ultimately, Nest products are frankly no longer suitable for use in home automation systems.

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Ahhh, the big behemoth that be Google…

It’s sounding very much to me that they’re trying to push everyone onto Google Assistant, or certainly at least, making it very hard for any 3rd party to integrate with any of their products. Sad really, as NEST have some good products but I doubt that what they’re doing is going to make much difference in their (Nest) sales revenue, it’s shifting one income to another really. Money is all in the data/metadata, and that’s what Google is all about.

Playing devil’s advocate, Google has been hit really hard by privacy problems over the past few years. Closing down this API and building a new and less open API as a visible demonstration that they want you to trust them with your privacy. Of course, that means that they can’t share your data with any app that comes along which leaves us without an API. All of the press and announcements from Google indicate this is the reason for closing the API down. And given the really bone headed problems they’ve had (e.g. shipping a device with a hidden microphone) this explanation is plausible.

They weighed the options and determined that the upside to being able to say they safe guard your data offsets the down side of upsetting the relatively small percentage of Nest users that use the Works with Nest API.