Configure openhab 3 to use android app in the same network

Hi after installing openhab 3 (which is worndefull) I’m trying to configure android app. If I useit with openhabcloud I have no problem, but if I tried to use it with a local conection, i can use sitemaps but I can’t use Habpanel without login and I can’t login without I suppose an ssl certificate. So, is there an easy solution to this or I have to install ngrix and all that?

You don’t need an ssl certificate to login. What error is shown when you open HABPanel over local connection?

Sorry I just find the error, I was trying yo login using http and por 8080, now just need to find how to edit habpanel. I can’t find the gear icon.

I don’t have a lot of experience with HABPanel, so I moved your post to the HABPanel category.