Configure Telegram Bot in PaperUI

Hi i’m trying to get the Telegrambot to work.

I am able to send a test message to the bot using the link`
My Chat_ID is 9XXXYYY44 (it does not have a ‘-’ prefix)

When I try setting these in the PAPERUI configuration of the binding to create a “Thing” it does not accept my ChatID (the line under the number remain red) and the tick box remains greyed out so I cannot save.

Can someone tell me what i’m doing wrong ?
Telegram Binding is version 2.5.4

many thanks

Does your Telegram bot shows it is “Online” in Paper Ui - Things

Hi Charley
My problem is I can’t get passed the telegram binding configuration in
Inbox >telegram binging>choose thing
After installing the telegram binding if you conduct a search in the openhab inbox paperui you discover the TelegramBot. It’s the configuration of this I can’t get past.

My understanding being still somewhat new with openhab is that once I can configure the binding a “thing” will be created.

I you have added the binding.
The next steps are

  1. Goto paper UI
  2. Configuration
  3. Things
  4. (find Telegram binding)
  5. Click the edit button
  6. and enter your bot token
    7 and chat id

Hi Charley
Thats exactly what Ive done but the “tick” to accept remains greyed out and underneath the chatID entry the line is red not black, which I assume means it does not recoqnise my format of my chatID. However the chatID and token work on api.telegram


Try to uninstall the binding and reinstall it.

I’ve had the same situation. You have to press enter after you typed in the chatid. Very odd. Don’t know if it is a bug.


Laurens many thanks that was it !