'Configure Z-wave serial controller' makes openHAB stop


I’m trying to figure out this home automation thingy, as I’m kind of a gadget geek - but unfortunately I’m not very well versed in LInux.

I’m running openHAB (updated from .003 yesterday) on Synology DS213air with DSM 6.2.
The problem, to which I haven’t found an answer:
Installing the Z-wave binding is not a problem - using PaperUI - but when thereafter trying to ‘Configure Z-wave serial controller’ install the Z-Stick Gen5 openHAB stops. First I suspected hardware problem with Z-Stick, but openHAB stops as soon as I click on the configuration-“icon”, no matter if the Z-Stick is connected or not. The problem hasn’t been solved by the latest openHAB version, which is specifically addressing the port problem of Synology.
Other bindings work fine.

As I’m not yet friends with Linux I really don’t know what to look for in log files etc., but I still hope there is someone who can help me figure out what is going wrong. Thanks in advance!


Hmm sorry can’t answer but it’s likely to be Synology related which isn’t 100% the same as Raspian on Pi or Ubuntu on PC (these being the most popular HW/Linux platforms to run OH on).
You can google for serial port naming and config on Synology (that’s where I somewhere suspect your problem is located), but I wouldn’t spend to much time on resolving it.
I’d rather move to one of the popular platforms. Get a Pi and check out openHABian, you’ll have many more people to share that setup so there’ll be many more to be able to support you once there. It’s also better/safer/… to run a dedicated box for your HA system.

Thanks Markus,

I’ve been through the googling phase the last few days and haven’t found any answers that helped me solve my problem. I will seriously consider your advice on changing platform, unless somebody else comes up with a problem solving tip in the near future.