Configuring HVAC state

I have an Ecobee Premium smart thermostat, and it has several states that it reports, based on heating/cooling etc…

So for example, when it’s heating, the state is “aux1heat,fan”, and if just the fan is running, it’s “fan”, and if nothing is running, it returns nothing.

So, I setup a map transformation that looks like this:

fan=Fan Running

And unfortunately, when it’s not running, the widget shows nothing, instead of “Off”. What am I doing wrong?

Additionally, I’d like to track when and for how long it’s running in each of these states. How do I do this?

This is your issue. Map transformation cannot transform „nothing“ to off.

I thought that was how you denoted a default value? What should I have instead so it shows “off” when it’s off?

The docs say

anything else = default

But nothing is not anything else.
What widget do you use ?

I’m using a label card. I interpret anything else = default to mean, if the value is something that doesn’t match in the map, it will use the default value. But to define the default value I should use the “=value” syntax.

Pleade try to add


AH hah! Thanks @hmerk one of those seemed to do the trick. Though in fairness, I also added “null” in lowercase just to cover all bases. Not sure exactly which entry did it, but it was one of those. :slight_smile:

You could remove entries one-by-one to find out which is working, but it doesn’t hurt to cover all of the bases since the extras just don’t do anything.

I agree with you that the documentation is a little vague. @hmerk, would it be worth adding a brief note about transforming null states to the documentation? I could take a shot at that.

Yea, I thought about that. It’s probably useful information to others, so I’ll fiddle with it later today and figure out which entry is being used and report back.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I’d also tell people to just spam the possible values for null and leave it at that, as opposed to trying to figure out which one is being used.

Yes, feel free to add a docs PR :+1:

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