Configuring ZWave using OH2 + Habmin2 + ZWave 1.9

I tried to find an answer to my question in one of the z-wave threads but most of them seem to be for Habmin2 + zwave2, so I’ll try it here…:

I was wondering if it is possible to use the zwave 1.9 binding with Habmin2 to configure my zwave devices.
The zwave 1.9 binding (installed through PaperUI) is running fine for me in OH2. All communication is working correctly. I can also install Habmin2 by copying the latest snapshot into my addons directory. Habmin2 is also working fine, except that I cannot find any option where I can configure my zwave devices.

This tutorial doesn’t work for me because the ZWave 1.9 binding isn’t listed in the thing configuration view.

So I was wondering if this is actually possible or if I need to upgrade to the zwave2 binding? If there is already a thread discussing this I would be grateful if somebody could point me to it.

No - this is not possible. HABmin2 uses the OH2 REST interfaces so only works with the OH2 binding. (sorry).


I have the same configuration. I want to know if it is possible to run habmin1 in OH2 to configure z-wave devices?
Is there any other possibilities except upgrading to z-wave binding v2 to configure parameters and associations?

I’ve just switched from OH1 to OH2 with zwave because the zwave 2 bindings runs smoother than the old one.
Maybe you wanna give it a try?