Dear all,
I would like to know if it’s possible to have a pop up to confirm an order.
For example, if I put a button to close all my windows , I would like to have a pop up like “Are you sure ? Yes / No”.
Thanks a lot

In which UI?

I use basic ui for the moment but I can change if necessary.

I should be possible to achieve that in habPanel but I don’t know how.
It will not be possible in basicUI


I’d cheat :slight_smile:

I’d have a button that moves the user to a new page, where the “are you sure?” option is actually the “do something” button.

I try but i don’t find the way to do this in HABPanel…

You had my panicking then…

I thought I had imagined it…

Luckily not :slight_smile:

Just add a button

Edit it to select ‘Navigate’, then choose an existing HabPanel page :smile: