Confusing start

I am new in OpenHub, trying to migrate from SmartThings…
I have few "stupid " questions… still trying to navigate around and understand how things work.

  • Is there a “beginners startup guide” to describe how things are related and create “my first automation”, including some event handling?. There is short tutorial, “”, but it does not seem detailed enough.
  • what is the relationship between PaperUI and HabMIN? which one is recommended for beginners?
  • I created a simple Thing with network binding with PaperUI and updated the “items” and “Sitemaps” config files. It seems the device state is updated in “PaperUI Control”, in “Classic UI” but not in “Basic UI” . Basic UI does not reflect changes in device state (although is displayed). Is this expected? How do we enable updating of device states in Basic UI?
  • When i create things and links with Paper UI, where are they saved? How can i use them? Some of the manuals describe i need to write the configuration files to enable automation, and it seems to me somehow the text files and Paper UI and HabMIN are independent items… What’s the relationship?



Did you read the beginners Tutorial from the beginning? (
It covers the initial setup and installing the first bindings.
If you are looking for a detailed view on the concepts behind OpenHab to understand it better, the User-Manual will be your friend. (

I think for automation you were right at the rules tutorial section.
If you would like to work with automating rules in a ui driven way to get deeper into the topic you can do that with PaperUI too.
You can simply install the Rule Engine and define rules within the PaperUI.
(You find it within the addons in the “MISC” category.)

Maybe this video tutorials can help you too:

Since i am more or less new by myself i cant give you a detailed answer about the relationship,
but i would recommend to start with the PaperUI to get into things and concepts.
You can do nearly everything you need with it.

Sorry for not beeing able to answer all you questions right now, but hopefully i was able to clarify at least some things for you already.

Maybe you could write down (here or maybe better in a new topic) what you exactly have missed in the docs or what was confusing for you.
Besides all here the docs are in an ongoing improvement process.
So the information you could give the docs contributors from a “newbie view” may be very helpful to improve the docs.


Hi Jerome
Appreciate your help… I have better understanding now…

My confusion was mainly because there seem to be two ways to setup the
system: script files and Paper UI.
Paper UI configuration did not modify the config files. When I modified the
"items.config" , paper UI had error message with when unlinking /
modifying the link between thing and items. It seemed like two siblings not
talking to each other. :slight_smile: . I did not know which one took precedence and
where the configuration data from PaperUI is stored.

Now I understand that this is a transitional period and actually Paper UI
is not 100% ready yet (although it looks really good and is the right path
forward to get wider user base/ adoption).

Also I had setup a “Wi-Fi mobile phone presence” with the network binding
as per the tutorial. I noticed that the PaperUI and ClassicUI get updated
immediately when I turn my wifi ON/OFF. However the BasicUI did not update
the state. I need to research if this is the expected behavior and I
need extra setup for the BasicUI or something else is going on.

I any case… thanks for the tips.