Confusion about location of exec.whitelist in Version 2.5.3 stable

I got a little confused.

After start of OH Version 2.5.3 openhab creates an empty exec.whitelist (Linux Ubuntu) under /etc/openhab2/

I tried to move exec.whitelist from /etc/openhab2/misc to /etc/openhab2 thought location changed. But it is only uses if located unter /etc/openhab2/misc, so it seems the right place.

Openhab shouldn’t create an empty exec.whitelist in /etc/openhab2 then.

Others got this behavior too?

See this search link:

If that is the case, it is clearly a bug in the update script. The misc-location is correct. Please enter an issue on GitHub.

Can anyone Check if it’s a generell issue? I got a new exec.whitelist in etc/openhab2 with every restart of openhab2

I know that posts. That’s the reason I gotta filled exec.whitelist under etc/openhab2/misc :wink:

But never read about openhab creating empty whitelist on its own.

That was introduced with the last release. But it should be created in the correct spot, not somewhere else. And the code looks ok (i.e. contains the misc in the path).


Found it. I take a script from another post to guarantee the exec.whitelist is read from openhab. The solution there was had to be touched.

There was a wrong path in it.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

And stay healthy