Confusion of electric curtain rs485 protocol

Trying to connect a motorized shade with the rs485 protocol today, but its protocol looks different from the standard modbus protocol.

The standard modbus protocol has 8bits, such as coil, register, etc., which looks like this.
01 06 00 00 00 01 48 0A

But the protocol for this electric curtain is only 7bit, it looks like this:
55 01 01 03 01 B9 00

55 - start code
01 01 - device address
03 01 - function code
B9 00 - CRC16

How should this situation be binding to openhab, can it customize the protocol data?

RS485 is just a term for the wiring standard and voltages.

There are many different serial protocols that are in use, Modbus, Pelco, blah.

If you reveal the secret of your device model, it might help to pin it down.

I solved the problem. I wrote a python script to send rs485 command,then let openhab to execute the script.

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That’s not very helpful to the next openHAB user who uses these mysterious curtain actuators.

Would you consider posting your solution for others?

Is writing a post to specifically introduce my solution, or write a addons?

If you have something that works, just post that.