Connect a freshly purchased Hue lamp with zigbee but without HUE bridge


I have a quick question (I’m a beginner, but motivated!)

I bought a Philips Hue Discover (outdoor lamp, for the garden). But I didn’t buy the bridge, because I have a Conbee 2 in my possession.

I am faced with a concern. Do you still need to have the hue bridge at the start in order to activate the Zigbee protocol?

I’m asking this question because after reading a lot of post in this forum, every person had a hue bridge at the start. So, I don’t know if we can do without it from the start or not.

Thank you :slight_smile:

To be able to control Zigbee devices you need to have some form of controller.

Most people start their adventure into automation with some form of Hub, such as the Phillips Hue. But equally you can use a generic Zigbee controller as long as it is running a version of the protocol that your devices can communicate with, the latest version being 3.0.

Most Zigbee devices, including Phillips Hue will connect to a Zigbee controller. But they many not have all of the available functions. OH has a number of bindings that deal with Zigbee devices, Hue, Tradfri and the generic controller. So you do have options and it will depend on what your requirements are.

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Thank you for these informations.

I just need a ON/OFF switch, and manage brightness and color.

I am struggling to get my Conbee 2 to detect my Philips HUE Discover Floodlight. It can’t find the things, hence my original question.

Your going to been some logs to help work out what’s happening. I would suggest to switch your logging to either DEBUG or TRACE and then scan for devices. Also do have any information on what version of Zigbee the ConBee 2 is running?

Take a look here. For how you can config logging.