Connect Nano Bluetooth Adpater

Hi there,

I’m running OH3.2 (latest) version in a docker container.
I want to connect my USB Bluetooth Nano adpater to control some of my BLE light strips.
I’ve a TP-Link UB400 USB Nano Bluetooth Dongle connected. Unfortunately, I cant get it up and running. It always states:

I’ve installed the Bluetooth binding and installed a BlueZ Adapter Bridge Thing using the following text file:

Bridge bluetooth:bluez:hci1 "TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter" @ "Flur" [ address="B8:27:EB:60:50:7E", backgroundDiscovery=false ]

However, it looks like the adapter is recognized by my RPI and it does something.
It shows up after executing command lsusb (Camebridge Silicon Radio) and as well as for hcitool dev (hci1). If I search for BLE devices, it returns with some existing…

I think the issue might be related in the mapping of the device to the Docker container? In my YAML I use the following command:

      - /dev/ttyACM0:/dev/ttyACM0
      - /dev/ttyAMA0:/dev/ttyAMA0

While ttyACM0 is my “Dresden Elektronik” (conBee2) USB stick - which is working fine, the ttyAMA0 is the USB Bluetooth adapter. However, with this setup I’m getting the above error message stating the there is a Communication Error.

Any thought? Maybe the TP-Link UB400 does not work with Linux at all? I read already some hints… but if I search for other available USB dongles, they always seems to work with Windows and MacOS but non with Unix? If the cause is my USB dongle, which other USB Bluetooth adapter can you recommend to work with openHAB (running in Docker)?

Many thanks!