Connect orvibo s20 using java

I want to control my orvibo s20 device using java so please tell me process
step for how to configure s20 device to local network then control power
on/off functionality using java code.

I don’t know about doing it from “java” but if you want to do it from openHAB:

Hi rlkoshak,

Thanx for suggestion and i followed suggested these step detail in below
1- I configured my device with local network help of wiwo mobile app
2- download openhab runmode project
3- i done changed in item and site map file also in openhab.cfg file and also put orvibo bundle in addon folder
4- http://localhost:8080/
5- html page showing but functio light on/off functionalities not work
suggested step not working. can you tell me how it does work. can you suggest another method

In 3 I assume you mean you installed the binding? I don’t use this binding so won’t be much help.

In general look in the logs for errors. Make sure the binding is coming up in the first place. There should be some log statements when OH starts.

Hi rlkoshak,

I hope you are doing well.
thanks for suggestion i am able to control orvibo s20 using java but still
it is not connected by openhab framework could you tell me right link for
check out openhab framework and also binding step by step. and how to bind
this openhab andriod mobile application.


If you are running OH 2, the link I provided above has the instructions for configuring and using the Oribo binding.

It appears there is no Orvibo binding for OH 1.8 so you must use OH 2.