Connect SDK Binding (for LG WebOS TVs)

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(Tom van Wietmarschen) #346

If you experience this again, it would be worth capturing openhab logs. But as I said, I doubt it is related to this binding.

I managed to reproduce the issue. Here is what’s happening: I turn the TV off, this triggers a ‘shutdown’ mode for the lights in my living room (basically, all but 1 light turn off, and that last light turns off after a couple of minutes). A second or so later, I get an event that the TV turned on, but the TV isn’t actually on at this time (it just looks like it’s off).Tthis didn’t happen during the day, only after it has been on for a couple of hours (this is all consistent with the maintenance mode theory).

As I get a TV on event, my rules switch to ‘TV mode’, which turns the lights back on. My flatmate then presses the ‘off’ button on the wall, which triggers the same ‘shutdown’ mode as when turning off the TV, only it also sends an ‘OFF’ signal to the TV, which for some reason turns the TV back ON if it’s in maintenance mode (it doesn’t do anything after that). This in turn turns all the lights back on. Then, about 4 minutes later when the TV finishes it’s maintenance cycle, I get a ‘TV off’ event once more, and everything shuts down as it’s supposed to.

What I’m going to do for now is add a timer and ignore the ‘OFF’ event for a little while after receiving it.

Addition: after this happened the LG WebOS binding was confused as to the state of the TV, it thought the TV was OFF when in fact it was ON.

(Eyal Cohen) #347

Hi @sprehn

I am planing to buy LG tv and wanted to know if it is supported by OpenHab. Prefer to buy something I can control from OpenHab …

(Sebastian Prehn) #348

recent lg webos tvs should all work

(Sebastian Almer) #349

So the current webos binding is only available in the snapshot release? Not in stable and not in beta? I was wondering cause it is listed in the documentation. I’ve just switches from beta to snapshot to stable some weeks ago cause all needed features were now in the stable :slight_smile: .

So I’ll have to switch back to snapshot again?

(Sebastian Prehn) #350

It is available in the 2.2 snapshot releases. I understand 2.2 will be published soon.

(Sebastian Almer) #351

Thank you. Worked imediately. Just updated to snapshot release, installed the binding and added it to my items. 15 minutes later I’m able to start Netflix with Alexa :slight_smile:
“Echo, start Netflix”

(Mario Spies) #352

Hi. Sounds really interesting. Is this only webos 3 or also working with Webos 2.x?

(Sebastian Prehn) #353

Any LG webos TV (since 2014) to my knowledge. But I cannot give any guarantee.

(Mr Dix) #354

Would you expect that auto discovery should find my LG 65SJ8109?
Unfortunately it’s not showing up in PaperUI.
When I click on “Inbox” -> “+” -> “LG webOS Binding” -> “Manual add thing” -> “WebOS TV” I only can configure a location but no IP. Afterwards the Thig is listed but it is shown as “offlne”.
Any idea what I do wrong?
Thank you vor your help!

(Mr Dix) #355

Could it be that the UDP discovery broadcasts are not send out to each network interface? Is there a place to configure which interface is used?

(Mr Dix) #356

Found the problem! Had to set Paper UI -> Configuration -> System -> Network Settings -> Primary Address to the IP of the NIC which binds to the VLAN where the TV connected to. WebOS LG is found now!
But what if I have different NICs + VLANs for different HomeAutomaton device groups?

(Liviu Ancas) #357

Hi, i have a question, i have a LG Smart TV which has a option to turn screen off (for power savings ) is there anyway i could set this up using this binding? Thanks and sorry if i am off-topic.

(Sebastian Prehn) #358

yes, the binding relies on this global setting to identify on which interface to listen.
Multiple network interfaces are not supported.

(Sebastian Prehn) #359

Hi, I am not aware that this feature exists in the API. Thus, there is no support for it.

(Naraink) #360

Hi @sprehn, I am new to openhab… And currently using your latest [Snapshot] webOS binding to control my LG TV with webOS 3.0. I noticed in the past you mentioned there is a possibility to support opening a URL in browser. Is this still supported? if so how to use it?
If not, I would like to contribute to add this feature if pull is allowed.


(Anthony Heard) #361

HELP ME PLEASE. I have the LG 60UF7300-UT with webOS version (2.21-1338 (beehive-biscayne)). I am looking to completely home automate through my one Raspberry Pi 3 model-B. One of my projects is to control the tv through Alexia. Long story short, I am not quite new to ssh and putty but im not advanced enough to figure out how to install the snapshots in the addons folder from a download or a website. I know it offends seasoned people in forums that dont like to explain basic info but i am asking if there is a tutorial site or location that anyone can point me to? If not then could someone tell me the git or sudo code to retrieve the file and place it?

(Gerald) #362


How did you install openhab? are you just using openhabian? if so you should be able to see the openhab directories as a network share.

(Anthony Heard) #363

I installed it on ras pi 3 through micro usb. OMG i just checked my network drive and I see all of the folders. LOL i never thought to look there. Thanks a mill and Happy Holidays. Do i just drag downloaded snapshot there and then what?

(Sebastian Prehn) #364

if you install openhab 2.2 snapshot release you will find the binding in paper ui. otherwise, yes download the plugin jar place it in the addons folder

(Anthony Heard) #365

Thank you, but I have downloaded and placed the org.openhab.binding.lgwebos-2.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar file in the usr/share/openhab2/addons folder but i dont know how to execute it to install … Thanks in advanced.